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Vous trouverez ci-dessous des liens intèressants sur la Tanzanie pour vous permettre d'en savoir plus sur ce pays et peut-être vous aider dans la préparation de votre voyage.

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Tanzanie Safari Photo et Zanzibar : Sky of Serengeti Safaris offers Safaris to many areas in Northern and Southern Tanzania, as well as Luxury excursion to beach destinations as Zanzibar. Please contact us at a customized Itinerary. As with any safari or beaches in Zanzibar. Sky of Serengeti only combiners groups at the clients request. Sky of Serengeti Safaris offers three different safari lodging options. Luxury lodges, Luxury tented camps and Wildlife lodges.The three accommodations types can be combined and very in comfort in level and price. With Sky, professionals tour drive guide who all attended special tour guide. All vehicles are equipped with comfortable seats, full view windows, and open roofs for game viewing. Each person is guaranteed a window seat. Sky of Serengeti only combines safaris groups at the client request, offering a private safari experience. We have a number of itineraries available so you can gat an idea of the luxury camps, luxury or Wildlife lodges and which National park you would like to visit. Pleas visit the sample itineraries page for more information. For details on pricing, please contact us by Email or by Telephone.
Voyage Tanzanie : La tanzanie pour des safaris inoubliables avec Purtanzanie


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